Do you have teenagers at home (or college students) who are willing to shovel neighbors out? Have them check out

HelpAroundTown has already facilitated over 5,000 jobs between neighbors and is being used in half the towns in MA.

There are elderly neighbors who need help managing the snow.
The website is designed to be easy and safe for teenagers to get their first jobs.
Every one has a profile and both users rate and recommend each other after a job, so HelpAroundTown is as a reputation-builder and a career-launcher.
Jobs can be searched within a mile of one’s house – perfect for connecting with neighbors who need help after a snowstorm.
14 is the minimum age. Parents need to sign their approval of 14 & 15 year olds. Parents of all minors (14-17)  get an email with a link to every job their kid applies to, asking the parents to advise their children.
It’s free to use all these features and to post jobs when one needs help.
Non-profits can also advertise their events & fundraisers, free, on the Bulletin Board, and recruit volunteers.


Featured photo by Photo by Filip Mroz on Unsplash