This registration/payment includes 2 consecutive Monday evening classes.

The Divorce Center offers 2 weekly classes a month in 3 locations of a Parent Education Program required by the state of Massachusetts for any parent getting a divorce who has children under 18.

The Massachusetts Probate Court recently made a change to ensure that parents take a program such as our “Parents Apart” class as early as possible. Anyone filing any motion for divorce has to take the class within the following 30 days.

Our five-hour program was developed by Geri Fuhrman, PSY.D and Joe McGill, LICSW and is based on cutting-edge research and experiences.

What Will I Learn?

This seminar is specifically designed to:

  • Assist parents in understanding how their divorce experience affects their children;
  • Provide an overview of children’s reactions to divorce;
  • Educate parents as to the developmental needs of children;
  • Train parents to help children cope with divorce and minimize their trauma.

What Topics Are Covered?

  • Loss, grief, and healing
  • Effective parent-child communication
  • Process of divorce
  • Developmental stages of children
  • Resources for parents and children
  • Identifying problem areas

Who Are Your Trainers?

The group leaders are highly regarded mental health professionals who are specifically trained to present this material. All of the trainers have devoted a great deal of their private practice to issues dealing with families of divorce. Also, many professionals in this program are members of The Divorce Center and have presented many times at our seminars.
This course consists of two sessions totaling five hours. We offer this seminar five times a month in three locations: Massasoit Community College in Canton (two different evenings), two in Newton (morning or evening classes), and one at Brandeis University (evening).