The NGS City Program is a recreation-focused soccer experience that emphasizes fun, health and exercise. Studies show that girls who participate in team sports during childhood get better grades, do better in the workplace, and generally lead healthier lives than girls who don’t.

Players in the NGS City Program get a chance to:

  • Work on soccer skills while learning to love soccer and team sports
  • Have fun with friends at practices, games and our Intramural Jamborees
  • Embrace values like sportsmanship and teamwork

Team Placements

City players are placed on grade-level teams with the goal of creating equally balanced teams.  NGS is a community program, not a school-based program. Therefore, we purposely create teams with girls from multiple neighboring schools and honor only one mutual friend request per player. Teams are generally mixed up from year-to-year and sometimes season-to-season so that players have the opportunity to:

  • Develop good sportsmanship skills, winning some games and losing some games
  • Develop social skills, playing with friends and making new friends
  • Develop soccer skills, learning from multiple coaches

Families are notified about their fall team placements by email in late August and their spring team placements in late March. Please help your daughter have a positive soccer experience by supporting her assigned team.