Congratulations to Charlotte Osborn and Nikhil Datta for completing a successful summer Internship through Newton’s Summer High School Internship Program.

Both Charlotte and Nikhil became proficient in the art of blogging, marketing skills, and graphic design. is a community calendar and news.

“I think we all learned a lot from each other this summer. I was happy to have this opportunity.” ~Charlotte Osborn

“I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to work with this wonderful organization. I’m happy to have been able to contribute to such a great cause.” ~Nikhil Datta

The goal of Newton’s Summer High School Internship Program is to serve as a hands-on summer learning experience for young adults in the community. Our internship program provides on the job experience and exposure to the world of work, particularly in the STEM industries, as well as weekly skill-building workshops and presentations led by the City of Newton’s Youth Services department and other community partners. While the internship program is open to all, we seek to provide opportunity to high-risk and at-risk youth, including those who receive academic support, students of color, first generation college students, ELLs, students in alternative education, and those from low income families.

~City of Newton