Empow Studios Summer Camps are still on!

Empow offers world-class weekly day camps where kids learn the fundamentals of technology in a fun and collaborative environment. Choose from our 21 convenient locations and award-winning programs, where kids can explore and develop their technology skills, boost their confidence, and ignite their passion for learning!

Whether it’s learning to code, building robots, creating Minecraft Mods, or designing a video game, we empower kids to spend their summers exploring and developing their tech passions, taking their tech talents to new heights.

We know making plans this summer is unlike any summer we’ve experienced. Camps are being canceled. Governors have not yet provided clear guidance as to when or if camps can be offered in person, and, even if they are legally available, will they be safe enough for my child?  Virtual camps are being offered — but are they really a good option for my child? Only 15% of summer camps are planning to offer summer camps, so how can I make sure I can secure one of the limited spaces, even as I’m worried about committing too early? It is a confusing time to be a parent. As parents ourselves, we are grappling with these same issues and have crafted solutions to provide you with a RISK-FREE, CONFIDENT PATH FORWARD.

If you book one of our on-campus camps this summer:

1. If we are allowed to offer on-campus camps, you can be assured that we will be following strict health and safety guidelines. With small camps (30-40 campers) and a low camper-instructor ratio (8/1) we can implement safety procedures that larger camps, sports camps, and general camps just cannot provide.

2. If we are not allowed to offer on-campus camps, or EVEN IF YOU DECIDE LATER you’re not comfortable with camp in-person, we will be offering every camp, on the same week, at the same time, virtually. This means that no matter what happens, you can feel confident that your child will be in camp on the week(s) you book with us.

3. To provide even greater flexibility, we offer full-refunds up until 14 days before camp begins. So you can save your space today, and get the peace of mind knowing that you’re covered for the week yet still have the flexibility to make other plans if circumstances change.