The U.S. Department of Health’s Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans recommends a minimum of 30 minutes of moderate-intense aerobic activity 5 days a week to reduce the risk of chronic disease later in life. With our yogis working remotely, kids at home and normal routines displaced, Down Under rises to the challenge of protecting and supporting our community by becoming a one-stop wellness destination. 

The stunning lack of compassion for staff shown by large corporate gyms across America not only revealed the Achilles’ heel of the fitness chain model but brought some of the most elite trainers in the country into conversation. It is with extraordinary humility and delight, Down Under announces the introduction of our fitness offerings, now providing a doctor’s complete wellness routine.
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When people say Ashley was born to lead, the key to understanding her leadership is Ashley’s relentless willingness to dissect self-limiting beliefs and trauma and to summon grit, fortitude, and creativity. She is a life force in constant evolution, extracting lessons from life’s challenges, victories, and ambiguities, to help those around her become the best versions of themselves. An elite personal trainer at some of the world’s largest boutique fitness studios, Ashley’s reputation as a headliner who serves up some of the most intense, high-energy classes in the fitness industry is renowned. But so too is her ability to understand and influence the collective behaviors of those around her with empathy, instinct, and unapologetic candor.
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