COVID Emergency Fundraiser Centre Street Food Pantry

Since COVID-19 struck, demand has skyrocketed at Centre Street Food Pantry. In March, we saw a 415% increase in new households shopping at our pantry and, the number of shoppers per day has almost doubled in comparison to last year. Sadly, we expect those numbers to continue to rise.

To adjust to this new reality, we’ve made some important changes. We’ve substantially increased procurement dollars to meet the growing demand. Also, we’ve shifted our model to a contactless, drive-thru Pantry- investing substantial funds in additional storage, refrigeration, carts, tents, and more.

As the Pandemic unfolds, our costs will continue to increase considerably, and we are therefore asking for your generous support to help meet our $50,000 Fundraising Goal. Can we count on your support? Can you be a Pantry Hero?


Also accepting personal care items (soap, bars, or liquid, toothpaste and toothbrushes.

Or if you would like to donate to the Kid’s Club, call or text 617-797-9497 for a pickup.

Janet Porcaro, Ron Trapasso, Randy Herman, Cheryl Learner, KW Chestnut Hill