The Presidential invitation to better ourselves, our society, and our planet is a call to action. In a spirit forged of accountability and care, Down Under proudly launches Drishti a new monthly dialogue keeping social justice at the forefront of our community and goals. In yoga class, teachers describe dristhi as your ‘focus’ – in tree pose, you gaze at a particular place to retain balance. In that same regard, we as a community must now retain our focus and not get distracted from our soulful purpose.
In the coming months, the Drishti dialogues will see Down Under reveal an audacious plan to build a new kind of industry model, one focused on excellence, integrity, and inclusivity.We will share, with unprecedented candor, our behind-the-scenes decision-making, our goals, and commitments to our teachers, staff, and students. As we continue to support frontline workers, BIPOC initiatives, and build a new model for the yoga industry, join us as we consider the intersection of social justice and the practice of yoga.
Our Drishti for January is the Sanskrit word – tapas

With tapas, we inspire ideas of commitment and discipline. Tapas is transformative fire and that is exactly what we are hoping to build this year through this new project. A transformative space to work through our own impurities, both body and spirit.
Your incredible faculty share their wisdom and thoughts on tapas in this month’s Voices blog.

Patricia Walden writes, “For someone to transform through yoga, they need to practice, and tapas is the determination and inspiration that fuels us from within.”

Natasha Rizopoulos shares, “The point is to approach tapas through the lens of its Sutra partner svadhyaya, (self-study) so that one can pinpoint where growth is needed, rather than just endlessly rehearsing familiar patterns.

“Faculty Director Stephen Gresham created the Fire Lounge based on tapas, writing “Rather than burning of impurities, there is a shift in meaning, to creating friction (going against complacency and what is easiest) in an effort of being the best version of self.”
Tapas teaches us that New Year’s resolve can dissolve easily. So as we begin the year of possibility together let us commit to be the remedy we wish to change in our country and ourselves.What are you committed to in 2021?

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Stay tuned for upcoming Drishti themes of Resilience, Renewal, as well as the unveiling of a plan that will be the definition of daring greatly.