At Down Under Yoga School of Yoga, we are delighted that meditation practitioners’ magic sangha has formed. March 1st, we are blossoming our meditation schedule. In addition to the 6 pm meditation, there will be morning practice during the week, weekend morning and evening meditation. We are pleased to welcome three impeccable pedigree scholars who will be joining Ryan Cunningham in offering an expanded curriculum.

Dr. Sabbi Lall: With a Doctorate of Philosophy from the University of Oxford, Sabbi came to the US for postdoc work at NYU, settling at MIT. Sabbi’s professional experience in the neurobiology and cognitive sciences is coupled with her academic study of the history of meditation and mindfulness practices. Currently completing her Masters in Religions & Philosophy: Traditions in Yoga and Meditation at SOAS, University of London, Sabbi is a strong believer in the beginner’s mind, and continues to study and be inspired by the history and philosophy underlying these traditions. Sabbi’s long-term personal meditation practice, unparalleled humility and  the gentle grace with which she walks through the world endear her to all.

Dr. Stephen Gresham: As a psychologist, professor, and teacher of both yoga and meditation, Stephen understands his role as a collaborator, guide, support and provocateur. He delicately engages in dialogue helping students to understand and influence their narratives. With curiosity, Stephen reflects upon the perceived limitations imposed by their minds. He challenges students to approach possibilities in service of uncovering and relishing in the awe of standing within oneself.  Stephen works to establish an environment that encourages students to take up space, and to find strength and joy in moments of doubt and intensity. He understands that each person arrives with strength and an internal resilience possibly in need of space and encouragement to bloom. Stephen incorporates meditation within his clinical work and yoga instruction in service of facilitating self-awareness, self-compassion, and intentioned living.

Kate Robinson: Kate is one of Boston’s best-known teachers. A writer, poet, mother, podcaster, trauma-informed meditation teacher, Yoga Nidra authority and researcher for Brigham & Women’s and other major institutions, Kate is renowned for creating a safe, shame-free and at times goofy space for students to try new things, question their patterns and make mistakes. Completing Ethan Nichtern’s Yearlong Buddhist Studies Course and Meditation Training, Kate’s dedication to accessible meditation practices for beginners, those with health issues and chronic illness, elder care or those in supported senior living, people in recovery make her a vital addition to the meditation school. Her MFA, two chapbooks, and publications in national literary journals and yoga trade publications explain why she is one of Down Under’s favorite orators. Kate also happens to be Ryan’s other half of the Unrolled yoga podcast and one of their dearest friends, so helped conceive the concept of the meditation school and was requested by many of our students as a missing piece in the dialogue.
Ryan Cunningham (they/them/theirs) has been a leader of the Boston Yoga community for decades, from running Back Bay Yoga and Bow Street Yoga to hosting and producing Boston’s favorite yoga podcast Unrolled with Kate Robinson. Their intelligence, thoughtfulness, and unparalleled experience as a teacher, trainer, meditator, mentor, musician, and bodyworker make Ryan a teacher’s teacher.