The terror attack at a Tops Friendly Market in Buffalo hits close to home for us. I grew up in the suburbs of Buffalo, and I liked joining my mom or dad on the weekly grocery shopping trips to our town’s Tops. I once climbed into a stranger’s cart by mistake, and that was the scariest thing to happen there. 

My Tops would not have been targeted by this domestic terrorist because his stated goal was to kill as many black people as possible, and so he tracked down a Tops in a poor, black community in the city to exercise his hate. 

David Corbie, Families Organizing for Racial Justice (FORJ) Newton Coordinator denounces the attack and shares resources for the community in the latest FORJ newsletter. Please check it out. 

While books are not enough to stop hate like this, the recent spate of book bans shows that books ARE an essential tool for educating our kids and working to understand and dismantle the systems that allow white supremacy to continue. 

So let’s keep reading for ourselves and our kids.

Thank you for reading! Stay safe.



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