Established as a testament to the timeless art of baking, Flourhouse Bakery blossomed from a love for traditional craftsmanship and an enthusiasm for innovation. A proud child brand of “Mike & Patty’s” we’ve ventured beyond the ordinary, etching our unique identity in the world of artisanal baked goods.

A Hometown Embrace

From Boston With Love

Nestled in the heart of Boston, our bakery captures the essence of this vibrant community. We aren’t just a bakery; we’re a cornerstone where neighbors gather, stories are shared, and memories are baked into every bite.

Craftsmanship at its Best

Every product, from our signature English muffins to our array of sweet pastries, is a labor of love. Ingredients are handpicked, recipes are meticulously refined, and each item is crafted with unparalleled passion. The golden crusts, flaky textures, and rich fillings are a result of countless hours spent perfecting the craft.

Sweet Pastries & Beyond

While our sweet pastries have gained significant acclaim, they are just one chapter in our story. At Flourhouse Bakery, our range extends from breakfast sandwiches by Mike & Patty’s, to aromatic artisanal breads made fresh daily. Every product promises not just a treat, but an experience.