For children in grades K – 6.  It’s like summer camp in the winter.  Enjoy a variety of activities including sports, arts and crafts, inside games and more.  Each day features a fun special event.  Sign up by day or for all 4 days.  Check out the Sample Daily Schedule for an idea of what each day will look like.

This program offers an afternoon extended day until 5:30 pm, but does not offer early drop off.

Daily special events include:

12/26: Stuff a Bear and Big Joe the Storyteller
 – Create your new best friend at our bear stuffing station, then bring your bear to story time with Big Joe the Storyteller.

12/27: Freestyle Frisbee Show and Playshop with Todd Brodeur – watch world famous frisbee freestylist Todd Brodeur perform simple tricks and catches, then show more difficult moves and combinations. A collection of different Frisbees will be shown, along with stories from Todd’s experiences. Kids will then learn and try out some special tricks that they can do at home.

12/28: Marvels of Motion Show with Mad Science – learn all about the fundamentals of moving science with Newton’s Laws of Motion. Discover the science of gravity and balance, kinetic beads, and watch us remove a tablecloth without clearing the table!

12/29: Lego Party – get creative with Lego Creator 3 in 1 projects.  Build one model, then take it apart and build another using the same pieces.  Take your project home at the end of the day to continue the building fun!







Top Photo by Ben Wicks on Unsplash