During the recent NTA strike, it became clear that there needs to be a renewed focus on transparency to the city’s budget, processes, and the roles and responsibilities of key groups within city government, including but not limited to NPS, the Mayor’s office, School Committee, and City Council.

The City Council seeks your thoughts and input on what we should do next. What information should Newton share? How should we share that information? How can we make information easier to find and understand?

Please share your thoughts with us. We have several different options:

  • Complete our questionnaire, here to share your experiences during the strike. This questionnaire will also be available on paper at the Clerk’s office (located on the first floor at City Hall)
  • Then, consider joining a hybrid session on February 29th at 7PM in person or via Zoom using this link. We are holding what we call a public comment session at City Hall. We want you to provide your thoughts on how we can provide increased transparency and improve communications in Newton. To accommodate all who wish to speak, each speaker will have 3 minutes, and we will get to as many people as possible. We will schedule more of these sessions as needed. (If you will need translation assistance during the session, please email, and we will do our best to accommodate.)
  • If you aren’t able to join the public comment, email me directly at: and I will share your thoughts with the working group.

Your input will help shape recommendations for the city to act on; we appreciate all of the comments you leave with us and your forward-looking suggestions as to how we can keep you informed about municipal activity.

Thank you,

The Community Dialogue Committee

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