The purpose of the City of Newton community online survey is to measure community satisfaction and ensure all stakeholders (e.g., residents, employees, students, visitors), are treated equitably and have equal access to quality services within the City. The survey will help the City identify and understand the lived experiences for City community members and discover opportunities to move the City forward towards integrating diversity, equity and inclusion within our City.

Within this survey, we ask personal demographics questions. We want to make sure we hear from a diverse group of people and understand their experiences. All questions on this survey are entirely voluntary.

A browser on any device in which the primary language is Chinese, Portuguese, Russian, English or Spanish will display the survey in that language.

In this survey you will be presented with a series of statements to rate your level of agreement with each. Some statements will refer to “access,” by this we mean: has the capacity, ability and means to obtain City services, benefits, or opportunities. All references to the “City” refer to the municipal departments and facilities, boards and committees, programs, and services. This survey will remain open until May 16, 2024. We value your experience and hope to hear from you!



Photo by Womanizer Toys on Unsplash