Connecting the dots in Newton!

At OurNewton.org, we love to keep our community
informed about all the great things happening in Newton.
Our passion is about connecting with people for a common
good–both in person and on social media.

13 Villages = 1 Great Community

Janet PorcaroJanet Porcaro is a Newton Realtor, an adoring grandmother, and a secret geek. Janet grew up driving around in the family station wagon looking at houses with her mother and sister(who is now also in real estate)! She is passionate about her connection to the Newton community and is Webmaster and Co-founder of OurNewton.org since 2009.


Social Capital Inc.Social Capital Inc. is the Co-Founder and fiscal agent for OurNewton.org. Founded in 2002, SCI’s mission is to strengthen communities by connecting diverse individuals and organizations through civic engagement initiatives.  We envision a nation where individuals are strongly connected to their neighbors and play an active role in shaping the destiny of their communities. This increase in ‘social capital will result in communities that are safer, healthier and more vital.

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