BIPOC yoga and wellness experts explore resilience, activism, and collective potential in the face of structural racism.

‘Ascension’ program launches 8 free Sundays in the New Year pairing activist yoga teachers with academics, physicians, and psychologists.

A one-of-a-kind social justice series combining movement with collaborative dialogue on wholeness, race and collective possibility commences January 9th at Down Under School of Yoga. In a stunning collaboration, each Black teacher and teacher of color at Down Under pairs with a well-respected academic, doctor or psychologist to present eight Sunday sessions that unpack our individual and collective potential.  

Begins January 9 • 2–3:30 pm Porter Square, Cambridge.

All 8 weeks are free and feature experts such as:

Ashley Mitchell, NBC’s “Black fitness stars who use their platforms to educate”

Psychologist and activist Dr. Stephen Gresham

Neurobiologist, Yoga and Religions Scholar, Dr. Sabbi Lall

January 9

Education: The psychological & physiological impact of systemic oppression and the need for self-care with Dr. Stephen Gresham, Ph.D.

Physical Practice: High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) with Ashley Mitchell.

January 16

Education: Gender & Race-based Trauma and the value of Identity-based Spaces such as BIPOC groups with Dr. Valene Whittaker, Ph.D.

Physical Practice: Flow Vinyasa Yoga with Sara Bravo.

January 23

Education: The Politics of Health:  Physical Health Considerations for BIPOC folks and how to maximize our wellness with Dr. Jay Luthar, M.D.

Physical Practice: Flow Vinyasa with Masaaki Okamura.

January 30

Education: Making the Fitness and Yoga world look like the Real world: skin color, body image and everything that is messed up with Ashley Mitchell.

Physical Practice:  Flow Vinyasa practice with Ashley Houston-King.

February 6

Education: Refugees & Asylum Seekers – from Turning a Blind Eye to Collective Responsibility with Dr. Chivi Kapungu, Ph.D.

Physical Practice: Flow Foundations with Anjali Mehta.

February 13

Education: The Strong Black Woman: When do we get to rest? With Dr. Rachelle Calixte, Ph.D.

Physical Practice: Slow Flow & Meditation with Dr. Sabbi Lall, Ph.D.

February 20

Education:  Maternal Health & Instilling hope in BIPOC children: What we know, what we don’t know, and what we should be talking about with Ashley Mitchell & Char Willingham.

Physical Practice: Vinyasa Flow with Franny Diaz & Sound Bath with Char Willingham

February 27

Education: Anti-Blackness in Education. Movements towards collective consciousness with Ashley Houston-King. Program closing remarks by Dr. Stephen Gresham

Physical Practice: Vinyasa Flow with Stephen Gresham