Late Season Pollinators and More – Hammond Woods

Hammond Pond Reservation 323 Hammond Pond Parkway, Newton

Are you interested in learning more about how to identify native plants? Or maybe you are more interested in birds or butterflies? Did you ever wonder how many species of plants and animals inhabit Newton’s Parks and Conservation Areas? Maybe you have developed skills identifying ferns or pollinators and you want to share that knowledge […]

Everything You’ve Wondered About Climate Change

Hyde Community Center , 90 Lincoln Street,, Newton Highlands, MA, United States

Led by Lisa and Gary Rucinski Gary Rucinski – known affectionately in Lower Falls as "Gary the Global Warming Guy" – has been a climate activist with Citizens’ Climate Lobby for well over a decade. In offering this talk to the public, the Rucinskis hope to answer your general questions about climate change, to simplify […]

Why we should remove the Watertown Dam

Webinar Newton, MA, United States

Did you know, each Spring, thousands of migratory fish return to our river to spawn in the lakes, ponds, and tributaries? Across Massachusetts, there is a growing movement to remove aging, defunct mill dams and restore free-flowing, climate-resilient rivers. There are numerous benefits and considerations to dam removal, including reinstating migratory fish passage, restoring the […]

Nahanton Park BioBlitz

Nahanton Park Nature Center Building 471 Nahanton Street, Newton

Join the Newton Conservators for a chance to learn how to identify native plants, birds and butterflies and see how many species of plants and animals inhabit Newton's Parks and Conservation areas. Newton BioBlitz events are hosted by Newton Conservators.  Each event will spend a few hours surveying plants and animals, learning and posting observations to iNaturalist.  […]

GreenEXPO at the Harvest Fair

Newton Center Green

The GreenEXPO is held in conjunction with the City of Newton’s Harvest Fair, and together the events draw 1200+ visitors from Newton and surrounding communities. Come see the many options available to make your life greener. Available will be representatives from sustainability-focused companies, community organizations, and city departments to share information and answer questions. It’s […]