JCC Greater Boston Fall Class Registration is Now Open!

    Fall Class Registration is Now Open!Fill Your Fall Season with Fitness
    So many classes and workshops to choose from — register now to make sure you get your spot! Classes are open to the entire community (JCC members and non-members).

    Balance and Injury Prevention(Starts Sept. 10)Improve movement efficiency and balance to decrease risk of injury and chronic pain. Led by a Physical Therapist, this class focuses on exercises which are fundamental to daily life activities while also improving your core stability, balance and overall strength & flexibility to remain active and healthy.
    Class meets Tuesdays at 10:30am Register

    Tai Chi & Qigong(Starts September 16)Participants will learn the very simple, yet healing and transformative Eight Pieces of Brocade Qigong set (BaDuan Jin); two of the Five Animal Qigong forms; and movements from the Wudang Tai Chi 13 Movement Form. This meditative practice combines flowing movements and Qigong breathing techniques, which work together to build inner power & energy, develop structural muscles, improve balance & flexibility and reduce stress.
    Class meets Mondays at 10:30am and Thursdays at 7pm Register

    Personal Strength & Flexibility Training(Starts September 25)Led by a Certified Personal Trainer, this class focuses on strength and flexibility training. Learn proper exercise form as well as why each exercise is important to your overall conditioning. Includes exercises for upper and lower body, core work for abdominals and muscle activation to improve flexibility and mobility.
    Class meets Wednesdays and Fridays at 6am & 7amRegister

    Men’s Pilates(Starts September 26)Pilates is one of the best methods to improve balance, align the body and prevent injuries. It builds muscle and strength while increasing flexibility, mobility, joint stability and ease of movement. Designed to address the needs of men, this class emphasizes core strength, flexibility, and performance for sports such as golf, tennis and basketball.
    Class meets Thursdays at 8:30amRegister

    Pilates on the Ball(Starts September 26)Full body, intense workout using stability balls, Pilates rings, bands and weights to build core strength, balance and coordination.
    Class meets Thursdays at 9:45amRegister

    Chair Yoga(Starts October 3)Designed for adults with movement and/or physical limitations. We use gentle restorative exercises that help to reduce muscle rigidity and relieve pain and anxiety while increasing strength, balance and flexibility. Using breath to move through the poses, yoga balances our emotions, calms the mind and creates peace in our spirit. Class is designed for participants to either remain seated in a chair or to to stand, using the chair for balance. 
    Class meets Thursdays at 12pm