Water Lovers Beware: Crystal Lake Closed

    From Mayor Fuller’s newsletter… 

    Algae at Crystal Lake
    As a precaution, the Newton Department of Health and Human Services issued a public health advisory at Crystal Lake because of elevated amounts of blue-green algae.

    With the current level of visible algae at the swim beach, the City is keeping the beach open. However, no other part of the lake should be accessed, and the status of the swim beach is subject to change.We are continuing to monitor the lake and this morning the state took water samples. We are awaiting results to determine next steps. We will send out another email if we have to close, or check the Health and Human Services website here.

    In the meantime: Do not swallow lake water and be sure to rinse off after contact (the Crystal Lake bathhouse is open to all for this purpose). Do not allow your pet to swim in or drink the lake water (pets are very susceptible to algae blooms)People and pets should avoid contact in areas of algae concentration, including the shorelineIf you observe an algae bloom, do not swim, boat, or fish
    In addition, pregnant women, nursing mothers, people with pre-existing liver conditions, people receiving dialysis treatment, the elderly, and other sensitive populations may be at higher risk of experiencing adverse health effects.
    Sigh….And just today I saw someone swimming in the lake. She had gone into the water right next to one of the signs saying don’t go in.